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Carbon Water Filter

eSpring™ Water Treatment System

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The use of home water treatment systems to treat tap water continues to grow in many countries around the world, partly because of public awareness of the potential contaminant concerns associated with the consumption of untreated tap water.

Amway scientists developed a carbon block water filter for use in home water treatment systems to remove a high percentage of particulate matter and organic contaminants from a stream of water. The filter utilizes a unique carbon mixture that creates a carbon block filter with improved performance, flow rates, hardness and production yields.

Amway has been offering water purification systems for more than 25 years, providing people with access to clean, high-quality water in their home. The eSpring™ Water Treatment System from Amway is the world's number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

Patent Number
US, 6,368,504

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Granted 4/9/2002
Inventors Roy W. Kuennen, Karen J. VanderKooi, Roy M. Taylor Jr. & Kenneth F. Conrad

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