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Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Kitchen Cleaner

Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Kitchen Cleaner

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Amway researchers pursued the development of a cleaning solution despite the presence of several similar products on the market, as it found there was room for improvement in providing a no-rinse, hard surface cleaner with effective cleaning and streak-free performance.

Amway scientists have developed a cleaning solution used in no-rinse surface cleaners that combines nonionic and anionic surfactants, glycol ether solvent, builder, orange oil and water to provide effective cleaning performance as well as streak-free results and anti-microbial activity.

Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Kitchen Cleaner is a no-rinse surface cleaner specifically formulated to clean unsightly streaks on transparent or glossy surfaces. It is intended to be applied to soiled hard surfaces such as appliances, glass, painted walls and finished woodwork. The product is removed by wiping with a dry or damp cloth without a separate rinsing operation.

Patent Number
US,6,387,871 B2

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Granted 5/14/2002
Inventors Robert D. Faber

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