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Method of Preparing Echinacea Powder

Nutrilite™ Triple Guard Echinacea

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Echinacea is a popular herbal ingredient that supports the immune system and that includes a full range of phytochemicals. Many people consume the juice of the Echinacea plant. However, water is a major component of the juice and lacks phytochemical activity. Water also increases the weight and volume of the Echinacea product – needlessly increasing the handling and shipping costs – and is not usable in dry, powdered dietary supplements. The fresh juice must also be consumed immediately or be treated to reduce spoiling.

Amway scientists have developed a process for harvesting Echinacea plant materials addressing all of these water-related issues and enabling the product to retain the full spectrum of beneficial phytochemicals. Shipping and handling costs are reduced and the shelf life of the powder is much longer than that of the fresh juice.

Nutrilite™ Triple Guard Echinacea is a unique immune support product. Its main ingredient is echinacea - a native herb and a genus indigenous only to prairie lands in North America.

Patent Number
US, 6,217,878 B1

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Granted 4/17/2001
Inventors Gopi R Menon, Ernesto Brovelli, Jatinder Rana, Yingqin Li

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